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Shoes for Yoga from Nike, Pink ColourMany people are confused as to what are yoga shoes? They are similar in their looks with that of the trainers or sneakers that many women wear for jogging or walking purposes. The difference lies in the types of soles that is been used in the shoes for yoga and the shoes for other exercise purposes. The soles of the shoes that are worn for yoga has thin soles and this allows maximum flexibility these shoes are also lighter as compared to the sneakers. This helps in the circulation of air in a better manner. These shoes have become popular now with many well known companies like Adidas, Puma and Reebok making these shoes and designing them. These companies have also designed yoga shoes for women and also for men. They also have designed the yoga mat shoes for the individuals.

Reasons why you must buy these shoes

Good shoes for yoga - Nikes for women

Many people are not aware of the necessities of these shoes during the performing of the yoga. Many of us have watched people doing yoga barefoot. Wearing of the shoes during yoga is optional but they have been found to be good for the feet of people. There are many people who feel uncomfortable without shoes and socks. For them wearing the socks and shoes and then doing the yoga stances and poses is very helpful. This is not only helpful for doing the poses. It also helps you to maintain your hygiene levels. For those people who share yoga mats or use the rented ones, wearing shoes during yoga increases the hygiene levels. This will help in the prevention of germs and bacteria from entering your body and making you fall sick. If you plan to practice outside your home, you must wear shoes. This will prevent any insect to bite you or any germs to enter your body. At times you may find yourself slipping during the pose. It will also prevent people from falling over. By wearing the shoes you will be able to get a good grip if you will have a pair on.

How to choose a good pair of shoes for yoga?

Shoes for Yoga by Adidas

Since you are now aware of the benefits of wearing yoga shoes, it is essential you know how to buy a good pair of shoes. The first and foremost thing that you must check is that the shoes allow good circulation of air before buying them. The shoes must also be lightweight so that it does not hamper the movements. One can try them before buying and also try a pose while wearing it. If you are comfortable and can move freely in them, then it is the right pair for you. The shoes must not be too tight or too loose as both will hamper your movements to a great degree. You can also develop blisters and corns on your feet too.

Keeping these small factors in mind will help you to buy the best shoes for your yoga exercises.