Buying Michael Shannon Shoes – What we Should Know

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  1. Harriet says:

    Enjoyed your article. What is the Michael Shannon’s official website you subscribe to?
    Also, have u found any shoes that use Christian Louboutin shoes for design inspirations (that are comfy and well-made-ish?)

  2. Stan says:

    I’m trying to find a website for purchasing a Michael Shannon shoe called Lolita. It’s pink with a bow on the toe. My daughter wants to wear them in her wedding. Can you please help?


    • Nikol Benson says:

      Hello Stan. Please let us know if your daughter’s desired model is this one – http://goo.gl/zvni1. Best Regards.

      • jessica--stan's daughter says:

        I am stan’s daughter….yes, those are the shoes!!!..i had planned on wearing these for my wedding for years and now off broadway said they have been discontinued!! can you please please please help me find them??
        i’m also looking to get the black pairs for my 10 bridesmaids!!! (I have the black ones and LOVE THEM!!)
        anything you could suggest would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

      • jessica---stan's daughter says:

        yes! those are them! where do I find them? off broadway said they were discontinued……
        I am also trying to get black pairs for my 10 bridesmaids for my wedding!!

  3. Xylina says:

    What is the website for Michael Shannon shoes. I really want these.

    • Nikol Benson says:

      Hello Xylina, and thank you for contacting with us. You could buy Michael Shannon shoes thru Ebay or other online retailers because the official MS website is currently not available.

  4. Chad Davenport says:

    I am trying to locate a pair of Michael Shannon STITCH men’s shoes. These are camel colored casual slip-ons. I have a pair and absolutely love them and want a replacement pair, but cannot find this style online after several different search attempts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Chelsea Batschke says:

    I am trying to find a pair of Michael Shannon Heels called “Mallard” in orange. they have a bow on the back. But like the others I cannot find a website or a site that offers this style of heel. I wanted them for my wedding but am having a very hard time finding them anywhere. I’M DESPERATE!

    • Toni says:


      I am the same way! My best friend is getting married in April and she wanted these for bridesmaids…if you find anywhere that has them, I also need orange, let me know!!! Post something on here please! Thanks!