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Puma Ferrari FootwearThere are a lot of high performance running shoes and sports shoes and one of the most popular brands are the Ferrari shoes. They are extremely popular because of their performance and design however they don’t make quite a buzz when compared to shoe brands like Nike and ADIDAS. What is it with these Puma Ferrari shoes that make them so unique and special? First of all you have to look at the way these shoes are designed. Ferrari shoes are “fashionista” shoes so right from the start you know they will sport some glamour with the way they look and this is very true.

The Design

You can pick up any Puma Ferrari pair and notice just how beautiful their designs are, from the slick colors (white and rosso, black and rosso, rosso and white) to the embedded emblem of Ferrari located at the ankle area.
You will notice that the pure rubber bottom soles are a bit thinner when compared to other shoes. The rubber also extends beyond the heel and a bit up the back of the shoes. This comes as a benefit in terms of performance.


This is where the Puma Ferrari shoes excel. First of all, the extended rubber adds some much needed cushioning when the athlete is running at full speed, a design that other athletic shoes should emulate.
The top of the shoes is bit rounded and bulky, giving ample space for the feet to adjust their angle while running and jumping. Some athletic sneakers also sport this design but Ferrari shoes did it best because of the exact mix of soft and tough leather and synthetic material that makes it comfortable to wear.

Pros and Cons

– The materials and design makes these shoes comfortable to wear. This is crucial for those who intend to wear them through sports activities that could last a few hours.
– Extended rubber soles (extends to the back of the foot) improves cushioning when running and jumping.
– Design is very fashionable and the colors really stand out. They do tend to have a two-color scheme that balances out the look so it doesn’t look over-exaggerated or too pimped out.
– For all its glamour, these are durable shoes that many customers claim still fit and work just right even after a year and a half of use.

– The rubber soles at the bottom are thinner when compared to regular athletic shoes. This slight design flaw might work when a person is running but it can cause them to lose balance when merely walking.
– When ordering for these shoes, always order half a size or a full size above your size. Ferrari shoes tend to mark their shoes inaccurately by half a size.

Are They Worth the Purchase?

Should you buy Puma Ferrari shoes? By all means you should; they are beautiful, they are durable, they are comfortable, and they are excellent athletic performers. Those are the four essentials you need for athletic shoes. The pros outweigh the cons in this matter and they are the type of shoes that serious athletes would wear.

Where you could find Ferrari-Puma footwear?


You could find these awesome shoes in online stores like Amazon too. There are a lot of quality models + discount price.